Texas Purple Star

Campus transition program:  We ask that military connected families inform the campus  counselor about their connection to the military. The campus counselor will ensure that the student is introduced to the campus and school process,  and if needed, (Sp Education, Dyslexia, RtI, or Section 504) academic support is provided.
Welcome events for new students:  Our  student ambassadors will be ready to greet every new student that enrolls to our campus.  They will give them welcome information and a tour of the school and they will continue to follow up with the student as long as they need to.  
Counseling and support services: https://www.wisd.us/departments/assistant-superintendent-for-secondary-education-leadership/student-support-services
Ybarra registration link (enrollment & process, total enrollment) Registration link: https://www.wisd.us/wisd-enrollment
Parent information: https://www.wisd.us/parentsstudents

PFC Mario Ybarra Elementary is also a Purple Heart School. Please click on the picture below to read the article found in the Mid Valley Town Crier. 

Purple Star Campus Distinction

Military and Veteran Celebrations